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The Mickelson ranch is a working cattle, sheep, and buffalo ranch in western South Dakota. With about 600 buffalo roaming over several thousand acres. When you visit the ranch, you will see buffalo in their native habitat. (The pastures still have buffalo wallows from the days of free roaming herds.) Calves are born in April and May and are weaned in November and December. Minimal human management is practiced in maintaining the herd.


The beautiful Mickleson Ranch is a home to wild free ranging buffalo.


Hunters can enjoy an authentic hunt, full of adventure.  This is no "canned" hunt but a stalk and shoot adventure.  Accompanied by your guide, you will work your way within rifle shot of the wary herds. Bow hunters can choose to stalk, or hunt from blinds.  Either way, your South Dakota Buffalo Hunt will create a lifetime of memories. Finding the ranch is easy.

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